About us

Company profile

Sena is a leading establishment in laboratory equipment trading, we supply laboratory equipment for testing, plug-and-play in pharma, petroleum, beverage, food, feed, cement and chemical industries.

Sena is an open interoperable architecture and platform, in Labs, Factories, Universities and Ministries & Governmental Organizations.

What we do

Sena delivers Innovation at Every Level from Connected laboratory equipment to edge control, analytics and services, on these domains of expertise – Pharma, Petroleum, Beverages, Food, Feed, Cement, Electrical & Chemical industries – delivering enhanced value around safety, reliability, operational efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity to our customers.

Our services include supplying, installation, operation, maintenance, training courses and annual maintenance contracts for our supplied equipment.


14 years of history and innovation, our heritage is written by the people who have developed our company, and the world, for almost two decades.

Our beginnings 2004:

Our Establishment was born in 2004 by Dr.Kayed Saleem, Dr.Saleem was born in 25th of July 1954, who has a Chemical Engineering PhD in Queen’s University Belfast.

To the establisher the chief, the father & the colleague we owen you everything
we have & everything we will achieve in the future.

Development, Diversity & Inclusion is our vision

At Sena, diversity is an integral part of our culture and identity. We have unlimited tests types, which makes us exclusively authorized agency for Metrohm, Buchi, Anton-Paar, Huber, Foster& Freeman, Hitachi High-Tech & YSI.